We’re on a Boat! Day 1 of Antarctic Adventuretime

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Very very reluctantly we dragged our luggage down at 9a, and put some sort of breakfast together at the hotel buffet. Droopy-eyed, we hung out in the lobby on the internet for a bit, and then decided to start knocking off items from our TO-BUY list. Jon wanted to try to film a zombie movie without anyone seeing us, so I needed zombie makeup supplies. We thought the ship would run out of booze, so we needed our own. We needed flasks. And we needed a new 50mm Canon lens. Our shopping trip took us from one end of town to the other, with a stop for mediocre gelato halfway between. Most of our goods came from a grocery store at the far end of town. We filled two grocery carts with a ton of liter beers, kitty cat sippy cuts, measuring glasses for power hour, string (just in case), colored duct tape, strawberry syrup (zombie blood), and cornstarch. We never actually ended up making any movies.

A stop at a gift shop yielded a horrific drink called Seamen Shot, plus at least 4 giant bottles of what turned out to be the worst Vodka known to man. But they were $6 each. And we had our last good meal: cheeseburgers at a cafe.

We were still very tired when we made it to the busses at 3p that would take us to our new home. The trip was only a few minutes long; I’m not even sure why they had buses. Maybe they thought we’d get lost finding the ship.

The gangway to the Akademik Ioffe was steep, and the doorways were about a foot off the ground so you had to watch your step. We ran off to find our rooms. Ours was on the 4th floor, towards the front of the ship. I stepped through the door and was immediately amazed at how spacious the room was, and how many little cubbyholes there were in the space. We had a suite, and it had a living room and kitchen area with a writing desk, fridge, and LCD television. The other room had a comfortable double bed with some warm blankets and a closet. We had way more than enough space to store 4 suitcases full of stuff, 2 tuxes, a ton of booze, redbull, chocolate, and camera gear. The desk’s tiny deep drawers were perfect for art supplies. Note to future travellers: 1liter bottles do not fit well in the fridge.

I think after that we ran around to visit some of the other rooms and explore the ship. It was very exciting. There was also a double rainbow outside as we were waiting to depart (which took forever.. it was cold out). We handed out the powerhour measuring cups to everyone, and told them it was part of a game (which we kinda made up as time went by). First they had to customize their cup. We went to dinner, where they introduced the expedition staff for Quark. I don’t remember what we had for dinner. It wasn’t particularly good or bad, but it was much better than the food for the days to come. Towards the end of dinner, we did some cup-swapping, so that everyone would have a different cup. We also re-enacted the Last Supper, with Craig as Jesus.

I introduced myself to Lynn, the person in charge of the Quark team. Then I spotted the ship doctor and updated him with the medications I was now taking.

Our next task was to fill the cup with a drink, and figure out which person was the original owner of the cup. One thing we weren’t expecting was that there wasn’t juice or soda cheaply available. They had tiny cans for of coke, coke zero, orange fanta, and sprite at $2.50. Those were only available at the bar while it was open. Jon M stopped by the room and thought my cup was Adam’s.. I assumed he meant Adam Lathers, so I made a redbull vodka out of a redbull shot.

Then we all met up at Nous’s room, the penthouse suite (aka the Cook Suite). It was a pretty enormous room, with more storage space than anyone knew what to do with. Our group of 17 fit in the room, which was sort of amazing. Octal had a drink for me, which I think was herbal tea with whiskey in it maybe? And some honey? The drink I made was actually for Adam Ceccheti (who we started calling Cookie cuz he had blue hair). It worked out okay cuz he liked energy drinks. The Seamen Shot was brought out and we all tried it (tasted like cough syrup). We hung out there til Nous wanted to go to sleep, and I think the lack of sleep from the day before caught up to me too.

pics by shadow, since I apparently was not awake enough to shoot. except the top one, which dave took.

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