A Penguin A Day: Hatching

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A Penguin A Day: Coffee for Kids

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From Anna at Kunoichi

This adorable Penguin is a tv show in Japan, and appears in a few DS games (Japanese only, boo!). It also graces cans of coffee designed for kids. Anyone wanna send us some?


In other Penguin Project news, Craig Welty is coming with us to Antarctica! Hooray! So is XBS’s fiance!

Hotel for Antarctica

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Just found out where we’re staying pre-boat on Nov 19 – It’s the Hotel Albatros. Looks nice, but more importantly, has internets, a bar, and a hot tub. The rooms seem to be small and warm, but with nice windows that open.  http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g312855-d311690-Reviews-Hotel_Albatros-Ushuaia_Province_of_Tierra_del_Fuego_Patagonia.html

Have you sent Cheryl your passport yet? Please do, asap. We need them to figure out flights.  Also you should have gotten some links from us to a couple applications you need to fill out. Need those so we can get you parkas to stay warm and dry. If you haven’t gotten links yet, let me know. Thanks!

A Penguin A Day: No Kicking Penguins

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Sorry. It’s policy in Antarctica now. No kicking penguins. Even if they kick you first.

(The background on this picture is pretty cool. some kid drew the original and it ended up at a research station in Antarctica) Here’s a news story and a website about it. Thanks to yoyopro and david moon, who sent this.

A Penguin A Day: Chicken vs Penguin

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David Moon sent this in. Original post here

Btw the Postapocalyptic Food Blog was mentioned in the Huffington Post the other day. Pretty awesome.

I’m starting to email out forms and stuff for Antarctica travellers to fill out. I also need to get a concrete headcount of who’s flying out from LAX, so please let me know if you haven’t already. Thanks!

If you’re in LA, you should come to Tommee’s magic show this sunday in Pasadena. Info here.

Fakarctica Pics

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Erin posted a bunch of pictures from Fakarctica. I kept forgetting to shoot that weekend.

A Penguin A Day: K-Pop Penguins

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From Wolfie:

This is amazing.

A Penguin A Day: Ping Pong!

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A Penguin A Day: Look Out for Penguins

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from david moon via oddly specific

A Penguin A Day: Casual Friday

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